Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A World of Possibilities

My life right now is abundant with possibilities. The possibilities seemed to begin to open up when I made space for them. Several months ago, I left a job that took a lot of my time and energy. I decided it was time to leave, and fortunately for me, was in a position to be able to take some time to discern what was next. I decided right off that I wasn't going to rush things and was going to take some time to rest and make some space for whatever would develop. I had a few ideas of what might be out there, but didn't want to make any quick decisions or settle into anything too fast.

Before long, I began to feel re-energized. The creative energy that just seemed to pour out of me was a wonderful surprise! I had so many ideas it was hard to keep track of them all. I began to look at a number of different avenues that were open to me and tested several at the same time. I began to develop my own website for spiritual direction (www.creativespirituality.net) and to develop a retreat practice. I also looked into the job market to see what was there. With my background in general management, it seemed that I fit every place and no place all at once. I applied to a few places, but realized that if I was going to get a management job, I would have to focus my resume in a few particular areas. I figured that when those areas emerged, it would be good to go down those paths and see what was there. The risky and exciting (and scary!) rout to take was to develop my own business in spiritual direction and online retreats. I spent hours putting together another website and creating the first retreat. With the help of my tech buddy, we got it done, promoted the idea, and met our first goal for enrolment. By the end of the retreat, we felt it had all gone smoothly, and although we hadn't made any income yet, it was a great success!

So one of the big possibilities that is very exciting for me is the fruit of my own creative energy - this online retreat and spiritual direction practice. I can imagine into the future and see some wonderful possibilities for where it might go. I look forward to what might happen with this work and hope that it can be useful and appreciated in this world. How it has already been received had been overwhelming and what that might mean down the road is exciting to imagine. I am also very grateful for the time I have had to unleash my creative energies and go with the flow. It has been great fun! And it has been a wonderful experience for me to work at home. I have had more time with my family and that is a blessing as well. This space that was created when I quit my job has been abundantly filled!

Of course, when life is like that, it is not unusual for other possibilities to pop up. Another rich and exciting possibility has come my way - a job that would take me in an unexpected direction. Sometimes those things come along, and just the possibility of it changes how you look at everything else. I have no idea where this one might lead, but it makes my world rich with possibility.

Life with possibilities feels expansive and exciting. There are times in life when we may feel trapped or stifled. The possibilities seem nowhere to be found. But I think it is important to recognize that we often choose to see possibilities or not. Sending out resumes creates possibilities. Reaching out to a friend or an enemy may create possibilities. Having an argument creates possibilities. Quitting a job creates possibilities. Sometimes we have to tear things down to get to the foundations of life, and when we do, anything can be built upon that cleaned foundation. The possibilities are so many when the creative energy can go in so many different directions.

We live in a world of possibilities. Life is so much more interesting and exciting when we focus on those possibilities and work with them. Some possibilities we create for ourselves. Some possibilities just seem to come to us without us doing anything. Some possibilities are life-sucking, some are life-giving. At every twist and turn of life, we have choices to make. We have so many possibilities to choose from. May we always choose those things that are life giving!

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